The application of Islamic god – a very special free for iPhone without ads!

To prove many of the statistics and working life that the smartphone doesn’t aggravate its owner to sleep when he first puts it on me in the morning and another Maiga have an eye at the evening for many users, so indispensable for any Muslim application Islamic on his smartphone that reminds him always to God Almighty with forgiveness and reciting different during periods of the day.

التطبيق الإسلامي المميز "استغفر الله" - مجاني للآيفون بدون إعلاناتThe application of Islamic “God” – free for iPhone without ads

Offer you today the application of Islamic “God” for iPhone, an application sends notifications sound these notices include the voices of reminder to God Almighty, such as : God, the Almighty God, no God but God and other adhkaar.

Also the app offers a set of features, namely:

  • The possibility to choose the number of voices in the arena of voice one to five voices
  • You can select Development reference instead of adhkaar this feature enables you to mention of Allah the Almighty to send the sound to you.
  • The possibility of setting the period specific to the application in this period
  • Having a section for reciting the morning and evening with the possibility of adding adhkaar other
  • The presence of the Department of counter-adhkaar to be able to calculate the number of dhikr involving her as beads.
  • Having a section for the cave with the possibility to add reminders to the app to remind you to read Surah Kahf every week on Friday
  • There is a section of the Koran can add a daily reminder to read the Quran with the possibility to save the page that was accessible for him later easily

Besides these great features, the application of the “God forbid” the application of Islamic completely free, and any type of advertising, but rather is presented for the benefit of the Muslim acquirement of pay with the permission of God.


  • Size: 51.5 megapixel
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Price : free for limited time

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