The application of LinkedIn exceeds 100 million download on Google Play

تطبيق لينكد-إن يتجاوز 100 مليون تحميل على قوقل بلاي

تطبيق لينكد-إن يتجاوز 100 مليون تحميل على قوقل بلاي

Lots of things have changed since the takeover of Microsoft on network, LinkedIn, where the giant of technical network disruption to become a social network, next to being a platform great functionality.

This probably contributed a lot in increasing the popularity of the network among users, so that other than the number of visitors and members of the network, the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the store Google Play just!

But in spite of knowing the number of downloads for the application, it remains unknown about the number of actual users don’t, especially since its size is estimated to be around 89 MB which is very large compared with the other applications.

Maybe it has become a lot of users are looking to LinkedIn being a social network similar to facebook like; because of the new features from the Update method and write the publications or send and receive messages, which was last available to send and receive moving images. This contributed in one way or another with the significant increase in the number of users.

You can download the app or see the number of conversions from here.


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