The application of PDFelement to create and edit PDF files on Mac and iOS

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تطبيق PDFelement لإنشاء وتحرير ملفات PDF على Mac و iOS

Become PDF files are everywhere these days, where you can download the PDF files to obtain information on the necessary drugs for prescription, and owner’s manuals for vehicles or appliances, e-books PDF, as companies like to send the PDF forms are editable to fill them customers, and with all of these possibilities it’s good to stop by to create, edit and add comments to PDF files that work on any device, whether it is a PC Macintosh or Windows or a mobile device running iOS or Android, and here comes the role of the PDFelement for Mac, Which is considered as the solution for all your needs from PDF files, including create, edit, and add comments on files.

Create PDF files

It all begins for some people create new PDF files for distribution to customers or readers or friends, can be the latest version, PDFelement 6.7, create PDF files from scanners, as all you have to do to create editable text or create image text searchable is to take a paper form exists, and then scan and perform Optical Character Recognition or OCR, which is a feature of version PDFalement Pro.

As you can through the application of PDFelement to archive old documents by scanning them and convert them to PDF files, where it lets you save PDF files as PDF/A specifically designed for archiving and preserving electronic documents over the long term, by embedding all the information required to display the document in its original form within the PDF file.

The user, if the application uses PDFelement for Mac Mac or Windows, on the same jobs and experience, which makes it easy to support users in different environments across platforms multiple platforms, the app also supports 9 separate languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Chinese, so that this feature makes the corporate world does not dispense with the application of PDFelement.

You also don’t need to create a PDF file perfect from the beginning, where the app contains a library of PDF forms with hundreds of the common forms that you may need, or you can use them as a start for custom PDF, and you can subscribe to our youtube channel for the application to get a free set of billing models, while you can get models resume professional free by following the expense app on the Twitter platform.

Edit PDF files

Makes the application PDFelement the process of editing PDF documents is simple on devices Mac, whether the text inside the PDF file requires modification or you need to fix the photos, the pages or links to or backgrounds or watermarks, or page headers or footers, where PDFelement the tools you need to make PDF perfect.

It contains the application of PDFelement to edit modes, paragraphs, or space lines, with the ease of adjusting the font type, size, style, as it is easy to modify images or add them or copy and paste them, in addition to the possibility of using existing images within a file for use in another document, does not require the process of crop or rotate images time and no effort at all.

It can also develop PDFelement help you when having a PDF file to multi-page needs to be re-arranged, where you can cut the page or inserted or used to replace or divided, can adjust the boxes of the pages at the moment, and the application tools to modify the pages to help add ratings of health within the level.

Add notes and share PDF files

The user needs when working on a joint project to tools to annotate coordinates, which is necessary for the implementation of the joint work, the application provides PDFelement group tools give editors the ability to add comments, highlight text, relying on images and text, and leave comments for future reference or when re-work.

It can be up sensitive data to others when you share the content of PDF files, which may cause occurrence of problems related to fertility, hence the importance of the application PDFelement, which possesses the ability to secure the content of the files with a password and allowed powers, so that you can share your documents immediately to the cloud storage services Dropbox Dropbox or Google Drive, Google Drive, or sent to others via e-mail messaging applications.

In case you need to pull data from PDF forms and transfer them to a spreadsheet for analysis, the PDFelement is able to it, so that it replaces the process of manual loading slow to the automatic operation quick.

Since waiting for the doctor PDFelement for?

The best thing with regard to the application PDFelement is that you can try it for free, just visit the website PDFelement and click one of the buttons free download, to improve on the app and avoid PDF editor the most popular in the world, also you can download PDFelement iOS as a mobile version Mac, where the app version custom iOS is completely free and allows you to create PDF files and edit them and add comments and share them from anywhere.

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