The application of Pexels community to take photos and share them without ownership rights

تطبيق Pexels مجتمع لأخذ الصور ومشاركتها بدون حقوق ملكية

When it comes to pictures, there are a lot of services that help people interested in this area, especially photographers and photography enthusiasts, with us for the day one of the new applications in this area is the application of Pexels which is combined to take images and share them among the others without regard for property rights.

Where most of the people are looking for free images of the property rights to be able to re-use their lives, personal or professional, to come this app summarizes their expectations of the fact that it offers a full community to share photos of all kinds, and most importantly allow you to share your photos too.

One of the features of the app include a search engine in order to find the perfect images for your project, and the direct participation of lead or any image editor installed on your phone, as well as set any image as wallpaper for your phone, and most importantly check out the photos of others and benefit from their ideas.

Finally the application of Pexels is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, supports Android 4.1 the latest.

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