The application of phone numbers copy contacts manage contacts easily on faith

The application of phone numbers Phone Numbers gives you a lot of options in regards to names registered on the phone “contacts” such as the ability to copy and send a copy of the backup e-mail as well as schedule calls, text messages, and remind you of the dates of elections, and other important characteristics.تطبيق "أرقام الهاتف" - لنسخ الأسماء وإدارة جهات الاتصال بسهولة على الايفون

And phone numbers:

  • Copy a reserve of names to your email without the need to use a computer and you can make the app remind you to copy the names weekly or monthly.
  • When you want to contact someone in a specific time and date all you have to do is specify the name and choose the date and time the application will remind you to call this number in the specified time by clicking on the reminder notification application will connect to it.
  • You can write a text message and determine the time, date and phone number to submit the app to remind you to send this message not in time with the push of a button
  • A special section of the contact switches international

تطبيق "أرقام الهاتف" - لنسخ الأسماء وإدارة جهات الاتصال بسهولة على الايفون


  • Size: 25 megapixel
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Compatible with phones only the iPhone.
  • The app is available for download, trade free can purchase the full version of it if you wanted.

Download for the faith:

Price : free download

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