The application of Slack creates Night Mode special copy of macOS

After providing a night mode Dark Mode at the system level in the macOS almost a year ago, he launched the application of Slack night mode of its own recent copy of macOS. Update comes out after that I got the application of Slack in the operating system iOS the appearance of dark earlier this year.

Speaking of this new feature, the Slack dish a night mode in systems running macOS, Windows, and Linux. Which is characterized by the fact that he says the education situation is dark for all attributes of the Slack current, in addition to the sidebar also.

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No doubt that many users will be excited to make the Slack matches the rest of their apps that include Night Mode.

But as of now not available the night mode in the app with the feature of Night Mode on the system level in the macOS, but the company says that this feature will be ready soon.

How to use Night Mode to apply Slack in the operating system macOS

Update the application of the Slack or you may need to restart it to see the features of the dark new.

To change the appearance, go to the Preferences in the app, and sidebar, choose Theme.

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