The application of Spotify for the iPad finally gets on the water that is demanded by the users so much


There is some good news for users of the application Spotify on tablet the iPad. There’s a new update was released just for this to develop. This new update makes the app Spotify finally supports multitasking on the tablet the iPad. This means that it will get support for features like Slide Over and Split View, a feature that launched Apple in the very beginning in the year 2015.

What this means is that it won’t the users then now open the app Spotify on the level of the entire screen if they wish to surf the new songs or switch between songs via the menu and that was very limited in the IS users are permitted to do.

Can use the Slide Over with the new version of the application Spotify revelation of the iPad by adding it to the base then open it while using another application. Will then open the application Spotify in a small window which the top of the application you are working on already. You can use the Split View by clicking on the upper part of the window Spotify and drag it to the top of the tablet screen which will be divided between this app and the other.

Being the launch of this app, which is available for download immediately on the iTunes App Store. Once you download and install this update, will upgrade the app Spotify on your iPad your to version, and will make your experience with Spotify on the iPad is much better.


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