The application of “stated” to send an alert daily verse random from the Qur’an,

تطبيق "وذكّر" لإرسال تنبية يومي بآية عشوائية من القرأن الكريم

Many are the religious apps through which the user can make use of them on one way or another, the latest of these apps is the application of the “stated” available on both Android and iOS are free and full, brought his idea through the reality in which we live, where the users spend most of their time on their phones and laptops became part of their lives, for this reason the development of this application, which should be the user’s daily verse of the Qur’an and more.

This development, as we have pointed out be in the image verses or messages of God plucking a monopoly, and here you can see the verse as text or as an image on the websites of different spices, as well as the possibility of interpreting and listening to verse 20 reader from months readers, also through the app you can search for any any in the Qur’an, called here the Arabic language and the English language.

And by the way, the team work of the application, developing add working app in the Chrome browser, and the name “Quran Tab“, with included some additional information as the Iron Cross and the weather, date, Hijri, etc., finally you can now download the application and stated on Android hereand iOS from here, and that does not support any form of annoying ads.

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