The application of tes gives you a comprehensive report on the status of your phone

The application of tes’s unique testing in the evaluation of the technical performance for Android devices and iOS devices alike, if he had your phone malfunction you don’t know, after making a series of comprehensive tests, offers you a detailed report on the status of the components of the phone, and if he is better for you to fix it or buy a new one.

Nurses use

The app is available for free in our [Apple’s] iOS 8.0 they are newer, not, and[Google Play] for Android 4.2 they are newer, not. Supports the performance testing professional more than 6,500 models of smart phones and is available in 19 languages including Arabic. Whether you want to repair or sell your smartphone, or you want to buy a phone used, the report of the tes may help you in such situations to resolve your decision to accelerate the process of buying and selling; they are the report as a collateral safety and functionality of your phone with the width of the house, or request a report from the seller of the phone user, or whether the repair the phone or buy another new be more economical for you. And how the app works: the one app you’ll find two options, either quick scan or full. A complete examination includes about 20 different test and it takes about 5 minutes to work the technical aspects of the phone, specifically the following:

  • Screen: touch test.
  • Audio: choose speaker and headset ear microphone headphones.
  • Freedom: choose the sensor internationalized and compass.
  • Direction: choose Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular network, GPS.
  • Hardware: light sensor flash, charger, vibration, lens rounding, the reader footprint.
  • Camera: front and rear and LED lamp.

For each of these tests, you perform some simple tasks as they application, like listening to dance and write, and pass your finger and cover the touch screen, or filming your face on camera front and rear.. etc. Knowing that the test takes 5 minutes as we mentioned, and the app moves from test to another is immediate. After completion of the tests, the app gives you a summary of the result, with the report number to get them fully of the site and share if you want. It may also suggest the app “stores reform” in the area surrounding you (a feature exclusive to some countries). The app also supports additional features: test connection speed to the internet, find the stores of the reform, and communicate with the developers to make a complaint, and more. With regard to the design of the app and ease of use and quality of the Arabic language, we find that the application deserves a very high degree in all aspects of use.

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