The application of the “Ager” gets investment worth 2 million SAR

تطبيق "أجير" يحصل على استثمار بقيمة 2 مليون ريال

Enables administrators to apply the footman to finish the first round of their investment amounting to 2 billion Saudi riyals. To start the application which is based on the delivery of important professionals and with the public a new phase of work, where the phase will begin to develop and expand new application.

The idea was to Ager has started programmed Faisal Al-Zahrani, who was looking for a working satellite, but he found it difficult to access the world with high efficiency and good price, so in the idea of providing a platform based on resolving that problem for everyone, has started after the work on his idea with a group of friends; Turkish claudication I, Abdulaziz Al-Talib, and a demonstration of the Marine.

Says Faisal Al-Zahrani that he and his teammates started the app without any large infrastructure, not even previous experience, but by the desire and ambition to succeed in offering something innovative. And started their journey to collect 70 thousand riyals, and logo design $ 5$ cross-site Freelancer and then work from an extension of their house, and were able to develop a version of the “bad” as they say, but they didn’t stop at that, but continued to evolve until they reached the for the current.

Where the team suffered a lot to get invested and start the project, but the incubator project iPad provided them with support by providing work space, and take advantage of that opportunity after graduation to work on their project after the end of their shift at their jobs.

Perhaps indicative of the amount of investment on the ease of working, which give developers the footman do not, but as a challenge Faisal Al-Zahrani, there was the expected rejection from investors has already been sent 53 E-mail investment companies said the 3 of them even though it was rejected, but now after the proof of success they managed to get 2 million riyals to develop their idea and understanding.

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