The application of the “book of you” to borrow, sell and buy books in the kingdom

تطبيق "كتابي لك" لاستعارة وبيع وشراء الكتب في المملكة

Equivalent to most of the university students of the problem of high prices of books, as well as difficult to find as soon as possible, at the other two readers suffer from the problem of accumulation of books and the lack of platform to enable them to display their books for sale, to come the application of “written for you” solution for every see in addition to some tools of interest to both student and reader dwell in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In respect of the costs of the application, in short is an application for buying and selling used books and even to borrow, and works as a platform to view the undergraduate textbooks used in a flexible manner, the organization enables students to display their books and used to buy other students.

Also the application supports added kinds of other books for interested general readers, contributing to the re-use of ebooks in the easiest way, to target the application that all of the “students, readers, writers, publishers, libraries, universities”, and its other easily get the book through the means of charging multiple which guarantees you to access the book Inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as soon as possible.

With regard to the presentation of the book to sell it or borrow it, owns the app interface is easy to handle explaining all what you have to do to publish the book to work, with important details related to this process have to be filled, and finally the application of the book of you is available to download for free on both Android and iOS, if you’re interested you can download it from here and here respectively.

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