The application of the outcome of the request and delivery of mobile farm fresh in the kingdom

تطبيق حصيل لطلب وتوصيل المحصول الزراعي الطازج في المملكة

تطبيق حصيل لطلب وتوصيل المحصول الزراعي الطازج في المملكة

A group of young people to our alliance with the pioneers of the Saudi Arabia development of a new service and fun in the world of fruits and vegetables commensurate with the development of the market and brought the service under the name of toll-like application for Android and iOS, in respect of the possibility to take advantage of this service, they are interested in providing a crop of vegetables and fruits fresh up to the front door, taking account of the to the highest degree of quality and price.

Everyone knows what ails the major cities and markets of the lack of time to obtain agricultural products, fresh products at premium prices in addition to Central markets does not meet the wishes of the families emerging in quantities commensurate with their needs daily and weekly rentals which increases the reality of food waste and through the application of the proceeds you can meet your needs in the right quantities and the right time for a product befitting the aspirations of you.

In regard to usability, they are simple and very easy, seasoned in only 3 steps namely:

1. Choose what you want of products the outcome of outstanding and fresh.
2. Determine the place of delivery and select the payment method that suits you
3. Wait for your request and follow the status of the request.

As for the benefits of the service are as follows:

  • Easy search for products and providing different varieties of products fresh and actress.
  • Control your request to follow the details of his arrival, and communicate directly with the delegate .
  • The possibility to select favorite titles and keep them for later use.
  • The app provides ways of easy and convenient payment You can pay in cash or using your credit card, you can also pay through’ upon the arrival of the delegate you .
  • Send notices to the user to be able to follow the progress of his request in a more effective manner.
  • The application supports both Arabic and English.
  • In addition to the products financed out of the proceeds, you can also get coupons, the proceeds of which will provide you an additional way fun support your requests coming, as you can use the discount codes which provide its outcome to serve its discerning customers.

تطبيق حصيل لطلب وتوصيل المحصول الزراعي الطازج في المملكة

Finally, the service outcome is not just a delivery platform, where the tasks also selection the finest agricultural crops through Group exercise and expert markets, the Central for vegetables and fruit, and kept the team on the selection of crops to get the best quality items arise, and then comes the stage of sorting and packing, auditing, and quality through the warehouse to the outcome of the Central and equipped with all the necessary equipment to maintain the agricultural products in a working environment that takes account of all aspects of hygiene and attention to crop agriculture.

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