The application of the shelf digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” of Google is now available for

Digital Wellbeing

Revealed Google Inc. feature rack digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” as part of the system Android 9 Pie at its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018 earlier this year. The company Google releases a Android 9 Pie officially a few days ago, but it is reported that this feature will be available for only currently. Those who wanted to test her first, they had to subscribe to in order to trade. However, the company made the Google Now feature shelves and digital available for the public on the Google Play Store.

Feature provides luxury digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” Control Panel users can control their habits in the use of applications. It also contains a temporary for each application can be used to reduce the time spent by the user in a particular application.

This feature is available only on devices running Android 9 Pie, so they are limited to the phones the Google Pixel and the Essential PH-1 only. It will take some hardware manufacturers some time ago to bring Android 9 Pie the identity of its smart compatible.

For those who have phones Google Pixel or Essential PH-1 and they have Android 9 Pie, they can move to the page of the pilot version of the feature shelves and digital on the Google Play Store to become competent managers. Once you have met this requirement, the application will install the update on your phone to show a new menu under Settings.



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