The application of the “Yak” to watch soap operas and dubbed

The application of distinct and perhaps be the best among your peers has a great deal of serials and films dubbed on the various ratings and plays, Arab modern and new which we hardly find it on YouTube due to copyright and restrictions imposed by the site publishers.

With the application of the “Yak” part that works on Android phones and iPhone and even the web version you’ll find it’s outstanding service and quick in view of this large amount of MMORPG and great speed in the operation of the film line speed of your internet connection.

Will my app list sign stating what was added recently from TV series or movies, etc., the display quality is the most prominent what is characterized by the application on all operating platforms, trade the best evidence of what doesn’t let you margin to use.

Is the past movies and plays old will be found with this app is where we’ll find much of what has been produced in six processes of the last century, not to mention soap operas-old and New.

Application worth the experience to say the least and is available for download at the following links:

WEYYAK Wei you – for Android phones

WEYYAK the Yak – phones Evo

WEYYAK Wei you – PC version

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