The application of thinking skills that combines knowledge and application of realistic

تطبيق مهارات التفكير يجمع ما بين المعرفة وتطبيقها واقعيًا

Thinking itself is a mental process of perceiving something, for example, for an accident, some people are thinking about the causes and consequences of the situation, and some of them are thinking about the timing of the case in terms of how the occurrence and details of, among others gardening they asked if anyone was hurt and how it felt, and there are some thinking about how to avoid it in the future, to be afterwards regardless of the thinking is making the decision to participate is finally a set of actions and behaviors.

The application of thinking skills to put between your hands the ways of the mind and how thinking persons, brings about many questions of how people think? And how to decide? What are the best ways to deal with them? What activities do they prefer? What can disappoint their hopes up? What are the four thinking styles (analytical, practical, personal, experimental) that?.

It is characteristic of his knowledge of communication methods and activities for each style of the four thinking styles, learning positive thinking strategies of five, learning the critical thinking skill of the five standards, six, as well as training on the formulation of objectives, and thinking and problem solving and analysis, personal SWOT, and thinking preferences have you and others through the plugs, and finally share the result of the scale and exercises.

Now, if you are interested in applying thinking skills is available exclusively on the iOS select it, scroll to here, on the occasion of its launch the status application developers 5 codes to take advantage of all its features subject to procurement processes.


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