The application of Unsquared publish a panoramic image on Instagram where they

تطبيق Unsquared لنشر صورة بانورامية بالحجم الكامل على إنستقرام

No application connects to Instagram where they will be perfect when it comes to Photo Sphere, the app download this type of sound to a thin strip loses his turn the beauty of the picture, therefore, is use of applications external to fill the gap, there can be used the application of Unsquared available exclusively on iOS.

Can be defined as the application, it is a simple tool to create dynamic and unique on Instagram where they and you will be able to publish a panoramic image or a land scape full size, and most importantly without the need to change its size in the window box one.

In respect of the possibility to use very simply, take a photo from the app or choose one from photo gallery, then you have set the number of slides you want to divide your image, and adjust the economy accordingly, once it is completed, the image is saved in the gallery, from there you can post pictures in Instagram where they will, or through a button Direct Publishing in the application of the Unsquared.

تطبيق Unsquared لنشر صورة بانورامية بالحجم الكامل على إنستقرام

Finally the application of Unsquared available for free download on the App Store, The lose Android they can use the application PanoramaCrop or application of the Coolgram for this task.

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