The application of Video AD Maker for making video ads, at a reduced price for a limited time!

Looking many a fan of the montage industry videos sites, particularly advertising, on appropriate programs for their iPhone professionally and reasonable price. So we bring you today a Video app AD Maker industry short videos and advertisements are quick and enjoyable with all the professional tools.

The app is available at a price of 0.$ 99 instead of 1.99 for a limited time.
The application of Video AD Maker is the marketing team integrated during the development, it will only take seconds to create your content and customize it and share it on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, communicate with your customers in a simple.
Features and functions of Video AD Maker :
  • Animation: you can choose between a large number of ready-made animations in the ten app and use that in your video.
  • Custom designs: you can customize your ads and posts a variety of animations, designs, icons, styles, fonts, and music.
  • Quick share: you can access to follow you on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter in seconds.
  • Catalog design: spatial unlimited access to more than 150 design and enthusiastic, with the addition of new designs every week.
  • Custom Logo: you can promote your business by adding your own logo and designs custom.
  • Add sound: you can add your voice through video / animation.
  • Music library: the app provides a large collection of music clips that you can choose among them to suit your business.
  • Font library: choose from hundreds of font styles in each design.
  • Save videos and photos that you create see share at any time.

Compete with the iPhone and iPad-touch and iPad .

Supports operating system iOS 9.0 or later.

App size: 237.8 MB

Download for Apple:

Developer : Global Mobile Ltd

Price : 0.$ 99 for a limited time

  Click here to download

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