The application of your child from 2 to 10 – Your Guide to raise your child in a proper manner until the age of ten!

Raising children is one of the greatest and hardest task the proper build man, sober and straight and on the contrary it defective on purpose, or ignorance of the disastrous consequences on the entire family.تطبيق طفلك من 2 لـ 10 - دليلك لتربية طفلك بطريقة سليمة حتى سن العاشرة!

The application of The “your child from 2 to 10” is the application of educational special presents you a guide to the stages of the year different child from the age of three until the age of ten.

That age the concentrated all the efforts of the soil and problems in the personality of the child who is going through so many mental and behavioral changes.

The app explains to you the stage of mental development and construction of physical in each year in a manner accessible and easy, it also presents a number of common issues that parents face with their children and provide some tips to solve it. And in another section some of the problems and causes that lead to the appearance to try to avoid them.

تطبيق طفلك من 2 لـ 10 - دليلك لتربية طفلك بطريقة سليمة حتى سن العاشرة!


  • Works on iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Operating system compatible: iOS 9.0 or later or Android 4.4 and newer.

Download for iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Gathowan Alshamarri

Price : free

Download for Android devices:

Coder: Gathowan Alshamarri

Price : free

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