The application “Spotify” to up to an hour Apple’s smart

تطبيق "سبوتيفاي" يصل إلى ساعة أبل الذكية

It seems that the disposition of the company Apple American market of smart watches in her car semi-full on the this market may push the software companies to direct all the efforts by the state to provide a copy of their application famous on that smart watch in particular following conference the company this year, which revealed new features in the Smart Watch, which will open up new possibilities to market them, then watch the new compact device for ECG fully the holder of the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA.

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It seems that Spotify famous and private health processes and which achieve widespread fame throughout the world have realized that fact soon, the launch of its official version of the application to run on the Apple Watch smart, it has started to run audio via the internet “Spotify” in the selection of the new version of the app on the Smart Watch “Apple Watch” earlier this month and is now has in app the average user through the Apple Store.

The app is in the development stage, therefore, there are some characteristics that are supposed to be added to the app in the coming period, even now, is not adding a property to store the audio clips within the app to reboot in case of non-availability of internet connection, but you can run the audio clips on the smart watch directly, or control the music that is being run on your smart phone “iPhone” and any of the compatible devices through the arena fully.

And are considered some of the characteristics lost in the new app is one of the more flaws that must be addressed in the near future, it’s like running music through the app without internet connection Offline is a feature mandatory to help the user to stop the exercise to wear his watch smart headphones only external, which is to use the months of those kind of watches are available already in the app store other apps from third-party companies that support such a feature already using the services of Spotify also, the company has promised to provide those properties urgently during the next updates.

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