The application talks to the famous Chinese WeChat is left without its feature story


It was the application of Snapchat is the first to create a feature story, a feature that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear forever after a specific period of time. After that, Facebook has decided to borrow this feature included in many applications, such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

It’s feature are very popular in all over the world, and why not surprise us to learn that the application talks to the famous Chinese WeChat decided to turn now adopting this feature. Instead of the story, she chose WeChat to call this feature the name ” Time Capsule | Time Capsule“, this feature will turn users to share photos and videos lasting up to 15 seconds note that these photos and videos that have been shared will disappear forever after 24 hours of their publication, just as is the case with the stories feature in Snapchat and Instagram and WhatsApp.

But instead of making these stories available to everyone, WeChat tried to follow a different method. Users will need who want to show these capsules of time to find them in the ” Moments ” or in a conversation group or in the friends list of Representatives successfully. This is the opposite of what is confided in all of Snapchat and Instagram where this story easily can be seen in the upper part of the application.

Having said that, the application WeChat is the application of the talks, the most popular in China, it also enormously popular in many other countries in Asia. This app is very popular there because it is doing more than just sending messages, it performs many other functions which makes it an important platform for its users, and this is what increases his popularity there. In fact, I started Apple itself in China in the acceptance of WeChat Pay as an option among the available payment options to their customers.


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