The application Truecaller famous and gets turn-on the feature voice calls over the internet

Truecaller IOS

Truecaller is a very common service used by millions of people around the world to identify the callers. In fact, own this service is a huge database of phone numbers so that you can filter incoming calls to inform the user of who to call and block calls from contacts annoying strangers. The company operates taken from the Stockholm-based to extend the functionality of the application Truecaller through the provision of property free voice calls over internet protocol users.

A feature of Truecaller Voice of the new provision calls clear and high quality even under the use of a small amount of internet data mobile or WiFi network. This also means that users will need to apply less for voice calls. If they are using the application Truecaller is already to the identities of the callers, they do not need to use another service to make voice calls over the internet.

However, there is no support for conference calls at the moment, so it will be possible to make calls between two users. However, the company Truecaller is planning to add support for voice calls tariff in the near future. The company says that this feature will soon develop Truecaller on iOS platform also.

Enjoy the application Truecaller is very popular and very already, this app is used for more than 180 million phone calls a day. Noticed company Truecaller that half of the calls were for users of Truecaller other this is the reason why it perfectly logical to add the feature of voice calls to the app.


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