The application Truecaller for Android gets a feature call recording

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I got the application Truecaller on call recording feature on the Android platform. Users will be able to record incoming and outgoing calls from within the app without having to use a separate application to record calls. You can get the option to download each time you make a call or receive it. Then the call is recorded and saved locally on the device.

Unfortunately, this feature is available only to participants in the application. Other users can get a trial period of 14 days but then will need to subscribe to continue using it. In these days, comes very few Android smartphones with a call recording feature built into the operating system, so is unlikely to pay users to participate in the application Truecaller in order to get this feature just.

However, those participants already in the app they will most likely the easy way a new call recording application works on any case every time there’s a call.

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