The application Twitter is testing a new design to view details of the profile quickly on iOS

Announced a Twitter application Twitter yesterday that he chooses a new way to address the personal files quickly on iOS. Through this change, you can now get a quick overview about the profile of another user without having to visit the account page.

In the meantime, when you click on the name of the account to someone in Twitter, you will be taken directly to the file person on Twitter in a pop-up screen from the bottom, and you can drag it down to expand.

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Through this change, when you click on the index of @ to another user, you will see a pop-up menu. Here you can watch the profile tariff for the user, profile and more information, in addition to the Follow button. There is also a button to jump to the user’s profile.

After completion of the use of the card the pop-up, you only need to drag down and return to where you were.

In the meantime, this new design in Test mode, so it is unclear when will be this feature will be available to everyone.

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