The application Valve Steam Link is now available for both iPhone and iPad and Apple TV

Valve SteamLink app

In the past year, the company announced the Valve from the application of the Steam Link for mobile devices. And for those who heard about this app for the first time, it is an application that allows players to basically run the games Steam on their mobile devices. This works by broadcasting the games from your computer on your smart phone or tablet.

It looked like a cool application, but unfortunately, the company refused Apple’s application, claiming that it violates the laws of its own application store. The good news is that it appears that Valve didn’t used to try to get approval from Apple. Thus, for users of iOS and Apple TV, it seems that the application of Steam Link became available finally for download on these platforms.

It is unclear what are the changes made by the company Valve on the application to become compatible with the instructions for the iTunes store the App Store, but in either case, what matters is that the app is now available for players interested in broadcasting the games from computers to their smart phones. It is expected to become the broadcast of the Games is very important in the future.

I invested companies such as Google in this technology through the launch of Google Stadia, a service that lets players broadcast games, no matter how powerful on a variety of different devices, including smart phones and tablets for a monthly fee. Believes some companies specialized in the development of the Games also broadcast games via the cloud believes is the way towards the future. In the meantime, if you want to check the application of the Steam Link, and he moved up to the store of the iTunes App Store and download it from there.

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