The application Vizzywig 2020 best montage professional video up to 4K – free offers and enticing!

The application Vizzywig 2020 is an application to edit the video contains many professional tools that we hardly find in any other app, is an application dedicated to the most fun filming and editing the video via the iPhone or iPad which offers them a work environment suitable for the production of the characteristic.

Vizzywig 2019Vizzywig 2020

Depends the application Vizzywig 2020 of the best professional tools specialized in a video montage, as the techniques adopted by it, and registered the elders of the invention in the U.S. Office of patents, these techniques allow you to produce videos professionally fully across the many tools that have it.

Vizzywig 2019The application Vizzywig 2020 featuring many video editing tools backup!

Starting from its support for videos in high resolution which is up to 4K or even 5K, you can produce video clips to your own pal, friends, or work, with the controller in detail.

Features of the application Vizzywig 2020:

  • A new version to support the latest iOS devices iPhone, iPad with improvements in performance.
  • Supports 3840 x 2160, 3264 x 2448 pixels and 5120 x 2880 pixels.
  • Can adjust the video quality to be 1080p or 720p or 360p.
  • Editing features and instant results in real time.
  • Wallpapers Audio Professional.
  • Introductions and clips professional.
  • A lot of beautiful fonts.
  • Zoom professional to show finer detail.
  • The advantages of control during filming, such as the speed, zoom in and zoom out, auto focus and manual.
  • Record video clips with advanced features such as audio control and manual control in the settings.
  • The possibility to upload videos directly to YouTube or your social accounts.
  • Save the video exactly and the settings that you want.

Vizzywig 2019Vizzywig 2020

Will miss you this application from the computer and software the big advantages provided by the, which was and still is to soon exclusive only in the application of video editing on computers, but now you can get them easily.

Offer free subscriptions, discount

The application Vizzywig 2020 Reserve is available to download for free for 7 days then you can do a weekly or monthly discount of 50% (with 3 days trial during which you can unsubscribe if you want) or a yearly subscription with a discount of 80% (with 7 days trial during which you can unsubscribe if you want).

Vizzywig 2019Vizzywig app


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch iPad supports Apple Watch.

The operating system appropriate: iOS 9.0 or later.

Size: 250 MB

Download via Apple devices:

Coder: i4software

Price : free for a week

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