The application WhatsApp has adds Messaging feature to self-destructive like Snapchat

The trial version last of the application WhatsApp (Beta) hinted to feature the disappearance of the messages, whether in personal conversations or in groups by identifying a period of time the message disappears after a.

Disappearance of automatic messages or messages of a measure is a feature already available in the app Snapchat, which we’re about to see the Facebook “borrow” another feature of Snapchat to add in one of their applications that after the crisis that occurred between Snapchat into.


Until now this feature is not available and what we have is only the leaks but these leaks have come from the source code WhatsApp so they are probably correct. As you can see from the images above article will allow you to determine the time of the letter, which as soon as it passed will be the message to destroy itself automatically and will be deleted from the conversation.

The funny thing in this new feature is that it will be structured around a single message will be deleted after a certain time it will delete the entire conversation! However, we must not forget that the feature is still in beta version and is launched even so, this drawback can WhatsApp trading.

This feature will be useful in sensitive conversations or those that contain important information such as banking information, as well as of now the options available are only 5 seconds or a whole hour and you have systems that WhatsApp will be adding other time periods or they will simply provide the possibility of determining the period of time from the same user to destroy the letter after it.

What do you think about this feature? Do you think that the metaphor of WhatsApp -and the rest of Facebook – features application Snapchat is harmful or beneficial for us as users is?

Source: WABetaInfo

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