The application Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft is now available on two platforms Android and iOS


If you are one of my player Xbox, you might be interested to know that Microsoft announced at the exhibition Gamescon 2018 to Xbox Game Pass you will get a special application it will be launched on the platform iOS and Android. This will allow the app for you Xbox modern browse the library of Xbox Game Pass so they can check the latest games which has been launched during the development on their smart phones.

The best thing is that the app will allow users to schedule the games to improve them, this would be applicable to both Xbox One and Xbox One S, Xbox One X, as long as the players have a subscription of Xbox Game Pass. The application will allow also players to manage their subscriptions, as well as take advantage of many other features.

In case you haven’t heard about the Xbox Game Pass by, we can describe it as Netflix for the Xbox where players can pay a monthly subscription they can get access to a range of different games, even those games designed for Xbox 360, where they can run on the Xbox One their own.

Unfortunately, it now appears that the app is still in the experimental stage, which means it’s not ready quite yet. However, players can interested download the trial version of the app via the Google Play Store, and in the case if you are a user of iOS, you can sign up here for access to the beta version of the app. There is no information about materials that will be where the app is available officially, but we’ll still be following the topic to get more details.



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