The application YouTube Kids still know the content is appropriate for children

YouTube Kids

Intended application YouTube Kids to be safe havens for children where only allowed to show content appropriate for children. But lately, it was discovered some of the videos are not of the appropriate kind for children, including video clips of the plots, which is clearly a bad idea for such young minds and vulnerable.

And YouTube they do something about it, but it seems that everything you do is not enough. According to a new report released recently from Wired magazine, it appears that videos spam emails still appear in the Youtube app Kids despite the efforts made by the police in an attempt to take tough action against those videos that succeed in bypassing the filtration systems.

For example, in the report of Wired, I came across their videos know famous personalities later in inadequate conditions, such as cartoon characters, which embody attempts suicide, and cartoon characters that are objectified sexually, as well as video clips that you know ways troublesome to perform abortions…, and it is clear that these scenes not appropriate for children.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” We have taken a series of strict procedures to protect the families on YouTube better, including speeding up the process of removing content through technology, and hire more people to help us turn off the content that doesn’t need our rules, reducing the flow of profits to the content of the polygon for families. Team consists YouTube of parents committed to improving our products and get this right. “


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