The arms of technology companies, Giant (1): Amazon

أذرُع شركات التقنية العملاقة (1): شركة أمازون

Recently the website (16best) post the image of the informed characteristic, some tech companies that offer their services via the internet, showed the relationship between those companies in terms of belonging and dependency (of The) despite that the information is known to all, however a lot of users didn’t know or expect that the company (a) owns (B), or to the umbrella of some corporate wide to that extent.

Today and through this series through the pages of the tech world, we’ll highlight some of the technology companies giant (one company in each report), so we get to know what is hiding under the umbrella and where to reach her guns, how and when the acquisition of those small businesses and services that characterize it, although the main goal of each report is better knowledge of the parent company, but the goal would be to include the definition of the reader the condition and number of other not-probably – knows.

The picture rainforest published by the site (16best) is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s a great series of acquisitions carried out by those giant companies, small companies, some failed and others continue and the weight and heaviness, and even we -through this series – we can’t account for all acquisitions of companies or small affiliate, but we will select some of the leading brands, we will give you some links and sources for those who wanted stop.


That company launched in the foundation of the shopping website and purchase online, but it seems that the specialization of the company Basic (purchase) had opened her appetite to buy, instead of buying the goods; the company took off in buying small companies here and there, we hear occasional news of the acquisition, not only that, but the expansion of the company entry in the different areas fresh.

While looking for the name of the company today, you’ll find it connected to as electronic commerce (E-commerce) computerization of the cloud (Cloud computing), yes, if the normal user is perceived as a shopping website, but the technical user is perceived as one of the leading companies that provide computing services and cloud storage (Amazon Web Services).

The company has its products that competitive markets strongly and, device the Amazon Echo and its (new), the e-reading devices (Canada), tablets (Amazon Fire), and other devices -that can be identified across this page– which will be manufactured by Amazon and sold it to the world through its position known, and to know that there are more than half a million people working for Amazon either full-time or part-time.

The following lists some of the most important companies that operate under the umbrella of Amazon:


The social network Famous which brings together lovers of reading and books, one of the digital platforms that was launched in 2007 and acquired by Amazon in 2013, has reached the number of subscribers of the site such as the completion of the transaction to 10 million users and adding the data of more than 360 million books, it was a smart move of being the first platform for buying and selling books online, and those young people considered an important source for customers interested in buying the books.


Of the acquisition of the modern carried out by the company, has purchased the company Blink that produce surveillance cameras, smart home, and small cameras connecting wirelessly and send you notifications when you select a specific movement to watch what is happening in or outside your home directly via your phone, you can use it to broadcast live or for guidance only, and features easily load and installation.


One of the companies and websites selling shoes tradition, it was founded in 1999 entitled The scope of “” by someone named “Nick some” who had the idea of creating a website to sell the shoes after they failed to find the right shoes in the stores in the city, has been on the site and continued growth and prosperity of the company Amazon acquired US $ 1.2 billion in 2009, and since then this company is working under the umbrella of Amazon.

The first streaming video content, video games, the story started when the website was established in 2007 that allowed anyone to broadcast video online, which is then split as a result of this web site devoted to games only, which quickly gained fame and spread his name, and in 2014 Amazon acquired it to become one of the arms connected to it.


The company that transform you books text to audio materials, maybe you know her or heard of her in the recent period, but you probably don’t know they exist in the previous 23 years ago, the region contains more than 200 thousand items (depending on the stats of 2016) has been acquired by Amazon in 2008, and now Amazon sells you a book on paper and digitally and photos.

I don’t find people these days a fan of foreign films don’t know this site who hide behind a well established company and a pioneer in the field of movies and cinema, he is the guide to see good movies with high ratings, so the name is in a nutshell expresses the sentence (The Movie Database in the internet) and not rely solely on the financial return from advertising in its pages, but there’s a service (IMDbPro) that enables the user to communicate with the representatives and workers in the film and their properties are numerous.

Considered one of the sites of ancient (appeared online in 1993), has been acquired by Amazon in 1998 is estimated at $ 55 million, and it was a smart move early from the Amazon being a sell DVDs to individuals, and the site is considered of the most important sources of visitors and customers.

Company the Alexa company is a big data, her name is known to the managers of the sites and interested in web development, it was the first service to arrange sites; find out which sites are the months and which gets more visits, it has become (the site’s ranking in Alexa) information is important when evaluating any website, but it was not confined to this service, the company offers services and solutions of e-marketing with prices starting from $ 150 per month.

Kiva Systems

The company which emerged in 2003 and acquired by Amazon in 2012 and changing its name to (Amazon Robotics), Amazon is now benefiting from the products of research, her small company in the management of goods in its stores the giant, as the company’s specialty is in robotics specialized in the arrangement of transport of goods and management of warehouses, as you know, the risks of the company, Amazon and many big it would be costly to rely on human factor fully, so turn the parent company of this hardware mechanism is invested in this subsidiary in the development of those robots.

Whole Foods

Is the largest deal and the largest acquisition undertaken by the company Amazon, which amounted to $ 13.7 million, the company in June 2017 to purchase chain stores, Whole Foods is specialized in selling organic and natural products which work in the previous 40 years, this step will be the company has established the arm with a new specialty probably far from what it is now, it is true that the general council is buying and selling, but this time products have become greener.


From the last acquisitions made by the company, where he created the arm and a new relationship to medicines and health care, company pillpack specializing in the delivery of drugs to the door of customers ‘ homes every month, not only that, it works like a personal assistant who cares about medical training of the joint, and communicate with your DR it can be through the app to talk with your meds monthly.


As is well known; it has become a company Amazon is the new owner to buy the market dot com; the of the largest e-commerce sites in the Arab world, and mother in this step extend the arm the new not in the area and another, but in another geographical area aims to have a strong presence.


Smart Ringer which is representing you when your absence from home, catches you it must be my conversation with him away from, and a lot of smart services which are available through the smart phone application, is the bell and camera control offers several professional services, a company Amazon acquired it in February 2018 $ million to to family of devices smart home (IoT).

The conclusion of the …

That was the brief list you know some of the most important companies that operate independently or semi-independently but under the umbrella of Amazon, appearance and contain a lot of other names that may be less well-known than ever, and to whom he wanted to expand it and see the list of products and services, or identify on the list of acquisitions made by the company over the years, let head to the next part which contains some external sources:

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