The arrest of a former employee at Microsoft for stealing the work of a number of $ 10 million


The arrest of a former employee at Microsoft because of a scheme to steal $ 10 million of the digital currency, reported The Associated Press on July 17.

The man here is a Ukrainian citizen 25-year-old named Volodymyr Kvashuk. And he used the illicit proceeds to buy a car Tesla $ 160 thousand USD and one freely US $ 1.7 million. During the seven months from the start of his scheme, it turns out that the analysis of 2.8 million USD to his bank accounts.

Specifically, currently being accusation Volodymyr Kvashuk of stealing gift cards digital currency which can be payment for Microsoft products and then re-sell it for profit on the web. According to the Office of the Attorney General of the United States of America in Seattle, he helped the suspect in the test Microsoft for sale online. WordPress lawyer Volodymyr Kvashuk did not respond to the request of the news agency Associated Press to comment on this topic.

In April of this year, claimed many of digital currency that e-mail services, a subsidiary of Microsoft, such as Outlook, Hotmail and MSN, was attacked by pirates who are putting digital currency that they have in mind.

He explained one of the victims that one of the Pirates managed to break into his email giving him the change login to his account on the trading platform digital currency Kraken. Confirmed Microsoft that the hack happened during the first months of this year.


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