The arrest of lawyer premises on charges of spreading false information spa men of power through the technique of “live streaming” – alaoual

Authorities arrested in the city Thursday, of counsel (Dec. P), a body of lawyers of the city, on the background of the video appeared in which the charge agents of peace and security in the city Thursday, and bribery in the absence of the enclosure is important to the officers of internal authority and elders and to want the Workers been on the back of the citizens.

Sources informed,”the first”, that this belief comes after a monument of the agency jurisdiction of the kingdom a lawyer on the staff of the state who have been robbed and defamation of a party the lawyer mentioned.

According to the same sources have been providing concerned on the issue, and the delay file for April 23, has confirmed that the follow-up come on the basis of Article 19 of the law on public function and Article VI of the statute of the men and women of national security.

Recall that the band national judicial police had stopped the lawyer mentioned last Monday, after posting live on Facebook, the face of the statements of the dormant leader was to function under the control of the commitment of the Citizens Action health emergency, and ordered his son the lawyer to enter his house.

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