The arrival of the design of Gimli’s new to the iPhone

Three weeks ago, revealed Google for a new design to develop Gimli, and today, he began his arrival to users of the iPhone and iPad.

The new design is characterized by the proliferation of white color and easy to browse and use the app, which offers the user three options to display messages interface: the default where the data show about the attachments, is he looking old which is the appearance of the sender and his image, and part of the message, andcompact that they appear a lot of messages in fact after you hide the image of the sender.

Easy to design and quick access to many functions, such as viewing attachments and marking a message as read, you navigate between accounts by clicking on the icon on the Seek bar and choose the account, also improves the application of the air supply with the Note series, the iPhone X.

Recall that the new design looks like the Android version , which began arriving several days ago, but it may not appear to a user of the iPhone or Android in case, as a result of releasing it gradually.

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