The arrival of the updated Android 10 with the interface EMUI 10 to phones Huawei P30!

After a number of trial versions, I began a series phones Huawei P30 in received the hard version of the updated Android 10 interface with Huawei’s new EMUI 10 .

وصول تحديث اندرويد 10 مع واجهة EMUI 10 إلى هواتف Huawei P30The arrival of the updated Android 10 with the interface EMUI 10 to phones Huawei P30

Expect the new update with the schedule announced by Huawei in the schedule to determine the duty by the new EMUI 10 which I mentioned in the start of the arrival of the hard version of the update in mid-November.

However, the new update dedicated up to now to devices Huawei P30 and P30 Pro inside China only and learn the company from the date of arrival of the update globally.

Update brings all the features of the interface EMUI 10 announced by Huawei at its launch, it is one of the best user interfaces provided by Huawei for its smart phones, and very nice feature, and view the phone’s screen on the computer directly.

Also the update provides a large range of features, update Android 10 most important night mode on the system level, and gestures what new programmes and improving the user experience.

Finally, the number of devices Huawei other you’ll get the interface EMUI 10 with update Android 10 during the next few days, specifically the series Mate 20 including Mate 20 X (4G) .

It is also planned to get phones Honor Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro and V20 and Honor Magic 2 on the fixed version of the interface MagicUI 3.0-based Android 10 in late November.

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