The arrival of the updated Android OS 9.0 Pie to Samsung devices !

We dealt with you in the subject of earlier dates for the arrival of the updated Android OS 9.0 Pie as made by some manufacturers of smart phones, however, the arrival of the update for Samsung devices was opaque so only yesterday!

Where the company Samsung France the participation of the community members of the Samsung Group of changes that will be included in the update the Android Pie, and ask them about the problems that they want fixed and features that they wish to share.

Update Android 9.0 Pie up Samsung January 2019 :

Referred to participate too. to date, the update version of Android 9.0 Pie in the month of January 2019, to become we now have a tentative date to improve Android 9.0 Pie on Samsung devices, though this may vary from country to country, but at least it won’t be delayed too much.

The most notable changes will be included in the new update :

Some new features are already available on Galaxy devices S9 and Galaxy Note 9 such as adding an interval after writing the point using the keyboard of the original, there will also be support for VoLTE and VoWiFi for older devices since the Galaxy S9 have received it via OTA update, you will be able to keyboard and also from education during the run of the games.

Will update easier access to the videos in the exhibition and fixes to the user interface when you open the image collection through the camera application, it includes other camera features use the flash in Focus mode.

Certainly there will be Lily’s theme, the gestures of the new quick marks tab for at the bottom when viewing applications.

Also you can check out more pictures and details of the update in the topic :

Page – monitor Galaxy S9 Plus Android Pie !

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