The artificial intelligence in the camera phone HONOR View20

Turn your smartphone into a tool for the professional enormous potential

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 27 March 2019: continue to HONOR the company of smart phones, the development of artificial intelligence systems in its phones to improve the camera capabilities and upgrading the standards of export to new levels beyond the expectations of the users. The phone can HONOR View20, which was launched early this year the successful fruition of those efforts, where she could HONOR through access to the experience of photography to a new level as a result of her skill in promoting the advantages of Full told him strictly 48 and 25 megapixel capabilities of artificial intelligence, you’ll be getting a super ability to capture sharp detail offers the user the possibilities of doubling to document the moment possible without losing the splendor.

HONOR View20

HONOR View20

The device comes HONOR View20 boards the artificial intelligence Optimizer is able to develop the functions of the camera through the discrimination rapidly and automatically between the elements formulated by the rear camera and front camera also. Designed those algorithms, specially designed to be an assistant to an intelligent amateur in the field of photography, they are talking of the health of the camera settings and image adjustments appropriate to set the severity of the exposed to light and their colors to the levels ideal for perfect shots.

In this framework, said Chris San Page, president of the HONOR in the Middle East and Africa “offers the combined strength between the artificial intelligence and multi-phone smart power mighty development of the device functionality and the practical benefits of using it. The day after that we are in the era of capturing images and videos and sharing in all the time when on social media, we found it our mission to provide a high level of image processing at high speed in HONOR View20 improving the performance of artificial intelligence to the level of content to expand the limits of what you can do using a smartphone. We do not spare any effort in order to maintain our position at the forefront of technical progress and assess the latest innovations to our customers from the younger generation to improve their quality of life and empowerment of the previously era.”

The phone was launched HONOR View20 in January 2019, to provide the artificial intelligence technology leader with high quality cameras capable of capturing images characteristic, it a smartphone equipped with a camera background accurately 48-megapixel and front camera accurately 25 megapixel, what can the user that values a big list of the capture audio quality and clarity is excellent. Tracking two cameras also high resolution and sensitivity of the Super colors is what makes it produce images sharp detail with excellent balance between color tones.

Also, the device includes HONOR View20 my unit address the neurological within the chip Kirin 980 associated capabilities of artificial intelligence to the level of surprise the users and them, and enables users to capture amazing pictures through the camera app of the smartphone.

Three-dimensional modeling: assessment of the distance between the smartphone and the elements of the image using the algorithms of three-dimensional modeling supported artificial intelligence, allowing the user to create a three-dimensional model element of the picture who prefers it, and lets him turn his favorite characters into the live elements in his phone.

Formation of three-dimensional: the camera captures three-dimensional information and depth they are identifying people’s boundaries accurately and separating them from the background, with this feature the user can improve the appearance of the objects in the videos and photos that captures her to an ideal level.

Dance and virtual reality: what if you create a personalized three-dimensional virtual using a camera three-dimensional, you can adjust it to reduce dance movements to a unique implementation of a contained dance with you whenever you dance! You can also direct this person to implement specific movements are known, such as the movements of Kung Fu or ballet, or just walking.

Measuring calories-backed artificial intelligence: through this water from a diet limited calories, it works by directing the camera three-dimensional-backed artificial intelligence towards the diet to be calculated the amount of calories contained in them. The camera is able to calculate the size of the faces and intelligence of the artificial identify more than 100 types of diets and the provision of calorie information to help the user to take care of his health.

Night shots super confidence: determines the camera sensor accurately 48 MP with the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence is a big difference when shooting at night. And can this delicate advanced merging 4 pixels into 1, producing bright images more, in addition to phone HONOR View20 takes advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence to produce night shots all using the technology of the installation of multiple frameworks based on machine learning. Even if the user’s hand is steady while taking pictures, enough to hold your smartphone and offers it to the scene for 6 seconds like he wants to take a picture, then the artificial intelligence on the analysis of the shake movement of the camera and choose a title appropriate to its aim of creating clearer images quality even in low-light or night.

Capture images smart: learn the capabilities of the imaging device HONOR View20 on more than 1500 scenario classified in accordance with the 60 class. Depending on the processor high-performance chip, the device processes the computerization of the photography intensive, drawing on artificial intelligence in the blink of an eye. Therefore, high recognition speed on the nature of the viewer by 120% of what the experience of professional photography, thanks to the computing power growing in smart phones.

Capture the image in slow motion too: wear the device HONOR View20 with a slow motion to a new level providing the ability to capture 960 fps at 720p, allowing the user to capture the precious moments in great detail, difficult to notice in the moment of transit. And the automatic detection on Super Slow Motion-user the possibility to discover the persons or things moving fast and slow movement to generate videos in slow-motion content like watching movies.

Video editor-supported artificial intelligence:the Wants of most users of smart phones to edit video and edit and share faster, and they write as soon as you capture and storage on their phones. That is why the device offers HONOR View20 video editor powered by artificial intelligence that can identify faces and focus separately on each person in the video, what saves time and effort when editing video clips that shows where friends or family members.

Recognize objects of artificial intelligence to the smartphone: the phone has the HONOR View20 the ability to identify places, monuments, and Paintings famous, and has information on more than 300 famous landmark and 100,000 paintings from all over the world. It offers the user also an advantage registration as soon as you steer the camera towards things I’ve seen and admire viola you to the best shopping sites to buy them or buy something like it. This feature supports currently more than 200 shopping platform in the world.


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