The audit revealed the amounts of cryptocurrency reserves exchange Bithumb

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea Bithumb published the results of the first audit of the company. Document talked about the number of employees and shareholders. But the most interesting — the amount of reserves and the types of coins which are stored by the user.

The secret cryptocurrency exchanges

Work exchanges provide 220 employees, while shareholders are considered Bithumb 15 people. Operating profit in 2017 amounted to 312 million dollars, significantly more than 4.1 million dollars in 2016. Net profit for the accounting period has increased more than 200 times — from 2.4% to 501 million. About it reports News.bitcoin.

The report spoke about the reserves of exchange in coins. Investments clients are 49,559 BTC, 583,004 ETH 54,383 DASH, 492,897 LTC, 5,560,189 ETC, 597,627,574 XRP, 156,956 BCH 195,728 XMR, 94,261 ZEC, 9,761,686 QTUM, 993,839 BTG and 63,087,428 EOS. It’s all worth about of 5.57 billion dollars.

7 percent of the coins — the property of the exchange. Personal inventory managers are Bithumb 3,228 BTC, 24,514 BCH, 65,421 ETH 7,847 DASH, 100,437 LTC, 387,993 ETC, 40,834,963 XRP, 10,083 XMR, 2,473 ZEC, 324,029 QTUM, 10,590 BTG and 553,181 EOS. The price hovers around $ 390 million.

The exchange is not in place and actively developing. Recall that in mid-March, the staff announced the creation of a special kiosks to pay for goods and services in the cryptocurrency. We wish fruitful work and less hacking attempts.

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