The Australians have lost 2.1 million in bitcoin due to fraud

In March several scams during the month, collected taxes with fake owners of the cryptocurrency. They were IRS and demanded to send a percentage of profits to a Bank account. Then they received 50 thousand dollars in bitcoins. This is a small part of the money lost by the Australians. Because of the machinations of digital money the citizens of the country in 2017, has lost 2.1 million Australian dollars. This writes the CCN.

As investors in the crypt of losing money

Data provided by the Australian competition Commission and consumer markets. According to the regulator, in the first quarter of the scammers have stolen about 100 thousand Australian dollars, but in the fourth quarter the volume of the stolen money has increased several times. In organizing the results explain the growth rate of the coins at the end of the year.

The growth of the value of the cryptocurrency has grown and the losses that the investors brought in the result of fraud. By the end of the year, the amount of stolen money rose to 2.1 million Australian dollars. However, as in the case of other types of fraud, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The equivalent of 1.5 million U.S. dollars. Most investors lost money by investing in fake ICO and pyramid schemes, representatives of the regulator.

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