The author of Game Of Thrones hints that the end of the book will be different from the end of the series

Game Of Thrones

Over series Game Of Thrones finally after nine long years, but the finish was controversial as it was expected already. Some praised the manner in which he ended the series, they thought that the end was good, but others felt that the last season of the show was incomplete and he didn’t get enough attention from the regulators because the season has seen a smaller number of episodes compared to previous seasons.

For those who didn’t like the way they ended the series, they might be interested to know that the author of the series George R. R. Martin pointed out that the end credits is may be different from those that we saw in the series.

According to George R. R. Martin, he reminds readers and viewers that in the show, there are no longer many of the characters and scenes, such as Lady Stoneheart for example. This means that these characters can play a role in the final events of concern which may result in a different end from that which we saw in the serial.

He added : ” I work in the centre is quite different from David and Dan, and I’ll never forget. They had six hours for the season final. I expect to fill my book last 3000 pages between the two before I do that… if there is a need for more pages and chapters and scenes, you’ll miss it “.

As I said it, it has been said earlier that George R. R. Martin told the officials about the TV series Game Of Thrones from the end of which the write. This means that what we saw in the last episode can be different from the ending that we find in the book of George R. R. Martin, or the opposite, but in both cases, might need the fans to wait for a long time before they discover it.

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