The author of the application of the tick tock intends to launch a smart phone

Company is working ByteDance Chinese author of the application of the tick tock of the famous to develop a smartphone of its own, which of course will come loaded to the applications of the company’s various in addition to Tik Tok.

The Chinese company has acquired a group of patents from the company Smartisan Chinese smartphone maker. Comes guide the company towards industry telephone its own implementation of the solutions the company’s founder Zhang Yiming.

Obviously, the Chinese company aims to launch its own phone promoting the development of their increased use, not the profit margin of the phone itself, during the recent period increased the competition between them and the giant Chinese other Tencent in order to control the social networks, especially in China.

The company is ByteDance of the most expensive startups in the world, and these days the unparalleled success of its application TikTok which exceeded one billion downloads from the app stores.

The company has specialized applications in the field of video and news targeted at China and the major emerging countries such as India, reported rumors last it is working on the launch of the music streaming service is also expected to see the end of the next July.

Recall that Facebook has failed previously with a phone of its own-made HTC was aiming through his increased use of the social network.

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