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Samsung offers users not only the most impressive powerful flagships, which have found applications the most innovative technologies of our time. The leader of the smartphone market it is also a lot more affordable models. These phones are often not equipped with ambient light sensors for automatic adjustment of the brightness of their displays. But, reportedly, Samsung will find a way to transfer the reward function and on low-end devices, despite the lack of sensor.

The auto-brightness — this option, when it works well, just invisible. It makes the screen so bright, how it will be most comfortable to the user device depending on the light conditions. However, in low-cost smartphones, often, there is simply no sensor ambient light conditions. But Samsung found a way to add the reporting function, even in these smart phones, said the kings George (Georgi Zarkov) on the resource page with reference to

How Samsung implements the auto brightness in low-cost smartphones without sensor ambient light

The role of the missing sensor will play a selfie-camera. Usually phones use sensors ambient light conditions to determine the required level of brightness of the screen. A new feature that appeared in the Samsung Galaxy J8, allows for automatic adjustment of the brightness data obtained is located on the front of the smartphone camera.

It works as follows — every time the user unlocks the phone, the camera takes a picture that allows the device to determine the brightness of the ambient lighting. As noted further, these images are not stored anywhere.

It should also be noted that the function is not fully automatic. The user first have to determine the preferred brightness levels for various light conditions and only then the smartphone will be able to carry out this important setting after the next unlock the user’s mobile device.

Of course, this technical solution are not ideal, because it does not identify those changes in light conditions that occur in the process of the user with his smart phone and therefore the screen brightness can’t adjust in between releases of the device. However, it is still better than no support one of the most useful features of modern smartphones.

To date there is no information regarding the in any phones, except J8, find a use a new feature. It is expected that it will be implemented also in the other newly released models Galaxy J, which are not equipped with sensors ambient light conditions.

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