The availability of two versions of the puzzle game Monument Valley at the price of 0.99 on the Google Play

إتاحة نسختا لعبة الألغاز Monument Valley بسعر 0.99 على قوقل بلاي

In June of last year was announced the second version of the awesome puzzle game Monument Valley 2 on iOS, and in November of the same year was launched on the store Google Play, where the price of the game reaches the 4.99$, and now in a move I didn’t know why it announced the developer of the game Ustwo for making available this version as well as the first release at the price of 0.99$ on the store Google Play.

As we have said Don’t know the cause of this reduction, where since the release of the game in 2014 not experienced this decline, at the same time didn’t suggest the company about whether this reduction continuously or for a limited period we expect to last, so if you’re interested and want to experience the game is one of the best puzzle games, don’t hesitate to download them.

إصداراي لعبة الألغاز Monument Valley متاحان الآن بسعر 0.99 على قوقل بلاي

Finally, this reduction did not become versions on the other system and iOS, where noted the price as is, therefore we stopped in a shop where will be the reduction temporarily, generally to improve the first version of the game Monument Valley on Android Go into here, but the second version he carried it from here.

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