The average selling price of the iPhone significantly increased

Despite the fact that Apple set a high enough price for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, this absolutely does not preclude them from successful sales. Updated smartphones proved more popular than its predecessors not only in Russia but around the world. If you believe the results of a study by research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), innovations in just eight days was able to reach the target of 8% of all smartphones sold Apple in the quarter.

According to statistics from the CIRP this year has increased significantly and the average sales price of iPhone. For example, in September 2017, this figure was equal to 705 dollars, whereas now the figure is 796 USD. This is the highest level for all time of existence of the Apple, and every day, the average cost of iPhone sales is growing.

If you believe the statements of the CIRP, sales of the devices could be even more successful if Apple decided to lower prices on their smartphones. Despite a global trend of higher prices for flagship devices, many consumers are still not ready to part with the amount in excess of $ 600-700. Given that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max goes far beyond the maximum allowable for most users of the budget, the sales performance can be called really impressive.

However, a real bestseller, according to many experts, should be the iPhone XR. A relatively small value on the background of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, flagship features, as well as modern and contemporary design — all this, together, will make available the Apple smartphone more attractive to the vast majority of consumers. Recall that the iPhone XR cost in Russia begins from 64990 rubles for the model with the drive at 64 GB.

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