The bacteria will produce organic fabric from waste

Every day the use of different materials for recycling is becoming more popular. And not only with the aim of following the trend, but in order to make our planet cleaner and do better. For example, one of the Australian companies called Nanollose intends to produce organic fabric from the waste of the coconut industry.

Each year, the amount of waste generated in the result of the coconut industry, is increasing, and their utilization is extremely disadvantageous from the economic point of view. However, the company’s specialists Nanollose came up with a way that will allow how to get rid of “unnecessary garbage”, and well to earn it. According to General Director of the company alpha German,

“Several decades of work of the enterprises of the coconut industry showed that there are many methods for reducing the harmful impact of waste on the environment. We propose to get rid of waste and create new in-demand materials.”

To implement his ideas, Nanollose scientists used specially bred species of bacteria (name and removal method which is kept secret), which in the course of vital processes feed on waste products, highlighting as a “side product” nanocellulose. This material is repeatedly used various model houses for its unique properties, but it is still quite expensive to manufacture. In the case of success, the company Nanollose may become the first supplier of nanocellulose for the needs of the textile industry.

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