The base wireless charging AirPower finally entered the stage of production


After the failure of the Apple in the commitment to do so in 2018, it seems that the company finally started production of the base wireless charging AirPower expected. As you probably know, it was supposed to say Apple’s launch of this supplement in the past year, but this could not be achieved in the end, but it seems that it will finally come this year.

Supports ChargerLAB to have its source internally reliable, which in turn says that the company Luxshare Precision started producing wireless charging dock AirPower. In case if you don’t know it, they Luxshare Precision is the same company to be entrusted with the Apple and the task of producing USB cables-C, as well as the production of ear headphones wireless AirPods.

As we have mentioned, it was supposed to be the launch of the charging base wireless my AirPower in the last year, but it turns out for Apple in the time that this device suffers from high heat during shipping, which stopped the production process. Generally, we hope to get out of Apple about its silence in the days or weeks ahead of an official announcement.


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