The bears are losing power? The number of short positions on the market of cryptocurrencies is reduced

The last few days Bitcoin-the bulls fought bravely at the level of 4 thousand dollars, but have been unable to accumulate significant impetus for the further promotion of the coin. Despite the lack of a clear uptrend, the number of short positions is decreasing. This may indicate that bears are losing grip. The lack of volatility in Bitcoin for some time led to the formation of a flat market altcoins, among which the distinguished is that the coin Tron TRX.

What analysts think about Bitcoin

Analysts have been unable to agree on the next resistance level Bitcoin, but one claim that they will have to seriously upgrade the purchase to push the coin higher than 5 thousand dollars. Senior market analyst at eToro’s Mati Greenspan recently said that Bitcoin seems to be permanently trapped in a wide range from 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

Despite the good round figure of 4000, it is not any meaningful psychological level. When there is a great probability to reach out to the broader range.

Greenspan also said that although the recent jump in BTC is slowing down, the number of short positions becomes smaller. According to analysts, this suggests that the bears are losing confidence in the further devaluation of CryptoRandom.

Heard about altcoins?

Today one of the most active alternative cryptocurrencies is Tron, which last week gained good interest. A sharp jump TRX can be directly associated with the upcoming launch of the token BitTorrent BTT, which will be based on the blockchain Tron.

More data look at cryptodata. Courses and actual coins it is possible to look at our class ranking cryptocurrency. For example, today, Bitcoin continues to move away from the flat and shows a level of 3690 dollars. The level of dominance is 52.5 percent.

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