The beginning of the promotional campaign for your Nintendo Switch in the Chinese market in preparation for version

Nintendo Switch

Two days separates the two masses the Chinese when placing her hands formally on the platform Nintendo Switch hybrid between a home and a mobile in an official capacity and in collaboration with the giant communications Tencent, which will be responsible for the distribution of the device starting from the tenth of October current. The device got on the promotional video on this occasion and you can watch this video at the bottom.

Analyst “Daniel A.” agency “Niko Partners” are expected to work the device in the sale of 100 thousand units with the launch until the end of the current year is 2019, and is expected to end system and new hybrid the forefront of the home appliances sold in China by the year 2022, and that when calculating the devices sold officially and devices that have been sold on the black market with, beating his counterpart from Sony for interactive Playstation 4.

Anyway, it is clear that the sales figures in the Chinese market will be very huge in the near future, with the ban which was on household appliances in China, mastered the personal computers and smart phones previous for a very long time.

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