The best 10 advantages of in Windows Update April 10, 2018

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Up today update Windows April 10, 2018 from Microsoft for PCs and tablets, and it’s full of more small that improve the Windows 10 without changing the Statute significantly, as add Microsoft one major advantage just with this update, a feature schedule that allows you to resume where you stopped when you across many devices.

Can Windows Update 10 April 2018 has many advantages including easy sharing and pair Bluetooth fast and spelling and the ability to ignore the tabs in the Microsoft edge, and use Microsoft also in the development and improvement of the system Fluent Design, and you’ll notice more of the effects of arbitration when using the mouse in the menu Start, or Notification Center, as there will be a new effect on the shape of the taskbar.

The best 10 advantages of in Windows Update April 10, 2018


The schedule is the main feature of new here, and replaces the display button usual tasks, which displays applications that are currently running on the system, and allows you to schedule the Battle of the apps that work and apps that use it on a computer that is running Windows 10 through the thirty days past, where you synchronize these activities and applications across multiple devices, so if you use your laptop at the ready, you can easily pick up the same activity on the computer my office, I logged on to him also.

You can also integrate the schedule with the Microsoft edge for iOS devices and Android, access to browser history smartphone to your computer, as Microsoft says update the apps edge to support this feature, which is one of the main reasons that may push you to use the schedule.

If you are concerned about aspects of privacy related to access to documents and applications and record activities in the task view, Microsoft would give sync the device by default and you can disable the activity log.


Had windows a variety of tools spelling over the years, but Microsoft are creating a quick way to get to the version of Windows 10 April 2018, where you can run it using Windows key + keyboard shortcut to H, A will lets you dictate any application, and if you got a good microphone, it will run well.

Ignore the tabs in the Microsoft edge

Removed tab Chrome recently, and now Microsoft offers the same water to the edge, where you can mute the sites loud and annoying using this feature, and to avoid any blow up my voice from the heavens, as Microsoft tweaks performance and design of edge, and certainly better to use the browser as the default browser with this update, but still need to work to compete with chrome.

Add Microsoft also support for web applications progressive PWAs in Windows Update April 10, 2018, and PWAs in the foundation of web applications, but it enjoys the full support of Google and Apple, and now Microsoft over operating systems, mobile devices and desktop devices, and can lead to the improvement of the status of the application in Windows 10, We expect to hear a lot about the PWAs to the operating system Windows 10 conference Microsoft Build in May.

Fix blurry apps

As long as apps had to expand the desktop problem in Windows operating system, however, this latest update is trying to make apps blurry thing of the past, where they discover the operating system now what if one of the applications is not clear because of the change in the display device or in the case of pairing with a laptop, and will try to expand it better to turn off the application of very small size or causing blurry.

Audio preferences

Microsoft will add some more a voice new great with Windows Update April 10, 2018, where you can now adjust the input device or the output sound for each application, as it allows you to sound settings to the new possibility to customize both the input and output for each application, so it is also useful to use different microphones across a variety of applications.


Add Microsoft simple and quick way to pair Bluetooth accessories, will be Windows 10 now a notice to quickly connect to Bluetooth, it also supports Microsoft Mouse Precision Mouse at the moment, the company is working with Logitech and others to ensure support for additional devices for the quick way to pair Bluetooth in the future.

Windows Defender

Have you ever felt annoyed with the notifications of the Windows Defender which tells you that the antivirus program of Microsoft has scanned your computer and if it was okay? Through a recent update you can now prevent such notifications so that doesn’t tell you every time a survey is successful.

Common near

Feature allows you to participate near share Web sites, photos or documents easily to Windows 10 devices nearby, it’s not a feature and will probably use often, but it works via Bluetooth and is similar to feature AirDrop from Apple.

You can participate with devices that are nearby, which is a lot faster than sending messages via file via e-mail, and disable the share feature is near default, and you can set it so that it only receives files from your own or someone close, we hope that Microsoft will add an option to customize it more in the future so that you can’t receive it only from your contacts.

Focus on assistance

Microsoft says to change and update the Do not disturb mode for the operating system your using this new update, where was the emphasis on assistance, which was formerly known as quiet hours, a smarter way to stop notifications when you set up your home.

Gonna focus on assistance now to ignore the notifications automatically when you play the game or view the presentation on the screen, and this leads to turn off the notifications annoying during a session of games, or meetings is equally important when you don’t want to view your emails, messages and other notices on the Conference as a whole.

You can also allow certain applications to continue to run notifications, which is useful if you have a messaging app still want to see notifications from them while running the game.

Changes in the games

You Microsoft make some changes stylish that focus on games using this update, you can now customize the performance of the graphics for each game, which allows you to set games on high performance or power saving.

Benefits the particular, if you are using a laptop capable of playing, but you want to the failure of some games to draw the best performance to save battery life, is available new feature in the “graphics settings” in the main settings app, as you say, Microsoft also re-stripe design Xbox games so that it now contains the characteristic white or black with this update.

The best 10 advantages of in Windows Update April 10, 2018

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