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Spread smartphones that lack of dialogue in recent times, where many of the manufacturers of mobile phones launched huge sets of phones that include a screen from edge to edge including Apple, Samsung and others.

With the proliferation of these phones, it has become difficult to determine the perfect phone in terms of design possibilities, and that is why we will present to you 14 of the best smart phone without edges was released recently:

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The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max


After Apple launched the iPhone X in the last year for which he lacks the Home button and edges and has a protrusion from the top, I got a company iPhone XS and XS Max this year with the same specifications as the existing major in X.

Moreover, adds iPhone XS spectacular improvements to the camera, also provides a faster processor and support to add the SIM double.

At the same time, the iPhone XS Max offers a huge screen size of 6.5 inches and can be device characteristics, brilliant in XS but in the form of a great device.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus


Features Phone Galaxy S9 with a screen 5.8-inch large a size without the edges with curved design is amazing, that’s in addition to fantastic cameras which work super.

While the Galaxy S9 Plus a larger screen and a battery with a larger capacity and rear camera dual.

Oppo Find X


To the side of the mechanism, the front camera of the slider, the phone offers Find X from Oppo sleek structure without edges. As he also adds new features such as technology to unlock the phone by face, with improved camera and battery life long support for Fast shipping.

Nubia X

May be the phone Nubia X phone is the most exciting among these phones, where the phone has already a screen; LCD screen size of 6.3-inch OLED screen size of 5.1 inches from the back. Moreover, the phone includes a sensor and a fingerprint inside the screen.

Vivo Nex


The phone Vivo Nex to a large extent with the phone to Find X, it includes the mechanism of the camera slider. The main feature of this phone is that the edges of his thin so looks like is not exist at all, as it provides a sensor to the fingerprint under the screen also.

OnePlus 6T


Despite the fact that the phone OnePlus 6T lacks a headphone jack of 3.5 mm and water resistant, it offers super-fast processor and an excellent camera too.

Nokia 8 Sirocco


The phone Sirocco from Nokia to a large extent with the Galaxy S8 last year, where the phone offers a sleek design with a 5.5-inch screen, this in addition to it’s called Living Water resistant and has a random memory capacity of 8 GB. The phone is also back with a double 12-megapixel + 13 megapixel.

Galaxy Note 9

Features Phone Galaxy Note 9 the size of his great design, great specifications and stunning starting from the battery until the storage capacity up to 128 GB.

One of the most important plugins that add Samsung to the Note 9, is S Pen Super stick which works to pick up sound from long distances also.

Phone Essential


Despite the fact that telephone Essentials provides the battery life of medium-term programming of extremely unusual, only that its appearance is stunning and enormous discounts on its price, make its phone attractive bit.

 LG V40 ThinQ


In addition to the i phone, the V40 gives you five cameras, it also has a huge screen with a size of 6.4 inches which is considered comfortable for the hands at the same time.

The phone also supports standard water resistant plus it incorporates a headphone socket of 3.5 mm, as that his memory is expandable.

Shawty Mi Mix 3


Device works Mi Mix 3 of Shawty by Snapdragon processor 845 in addition to he provides a screen size of 6.39 inches, four cameras (two rear, two front).

Moreover, the capacity of RAM in the phone to 10 GB. It is said that Shao could you release a version that supports the network of the fifth generation of the phone Mi Mix 3 over the next year.

Sony Xperia XZ3

The Xperia XZ3 phone strong and big and expensive, it has a screen 6 inches and a camera background accurately 19 MP, it also supports the feature of water resistance and wireless charging.

The phone running Android Pie with the Snapdragon processor 845 from Qualcomm.


I know of

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