The best 3 places to get a perfect translation of favorite movies !

Many of the users precious time to enjoy a series of foreign films is different, and here some find it a problem that some productions do not support the Arabic language that some services are not available, we use three new apps featured allow you to convert subtitle files to the latest movies for free completely supported in Arabic and different languages of world including English.

Just proven these apps on your phone and select the film located in the memory space and will upgrade automatically or you can use search engine application to search for the name of the movie manually.

Subtitles for Movies & TV Series


Carry all the languages of Turkish movies, soap operas and Programs, then watch them on your phone or your computer with a professional.


– Find the translation didn’t expect it from films and TV series.
– Search for subtitles to any movie on the internet.
– Provide a search bar to find promotions by writing the names of the movies.
– Possibility of send and share promotion in networking sites.

If you encounter any problem in the app, we recommend using the application VLC to play movies.

Get Subtitles


Campaign many promotions favorite movies automatically, you can investigate the work of the “resident” memory storage to provide a translation automatically, or you can do it manually by selecting the movie from the app.


– Includes phones, tablets and Computers also.
– Search for subtitles automatically.
– Merge the translation with the movie automatically.
– Provide feature to search for subtitle files for movies.
– Supports up to 170 languages including English, Arabic, French and Spanish and other languages other functions.

Also we will run the films on the application of VLC in order to avoid some of the problems about the upgrade.

Sub Loader – download subtitles for movies and TV


Like all other applications, the difference is only in features and design, this is a good application also you can get the translation all and rate for you.

Its features

– Provide a list of all sections contained on the memory storage.
– Support for many formats.
– Possibility to add translations from other sites.
– Search for different languages at the same time. “45 language supported”.
– To provide the best possible translations.

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