The best 4 games for Mario

Of course we all know the game Super Mario famous, and you probably know the story of the months where that Mario is the Italian plumber living in the “kingdom of mushrooms”, which is known to frustrate the plans of the company aimed at the abduction of the Princess Beach and to subdue the country, and is considered Mario characters more known worldwide and many of the games on Nintendo consoles, mobile phones and other devices.

If you are also a fan of Mario, here’s the best 5 games follow the same pattern of his toys.

1) Super Mario Run

Adventure game fun is completely dependent on user interaction with Mario as clicks that will, is considered the movement of the Mario signature is a very important thing.

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2) Super Jungle World ??

Is one of the best classic adventure games, where you have to shoot and fight, and enemies, and find things to get through the stages and up to the following roles.

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3) Jungle Adventures World

Is the game adventures of a characteristic of the development of the company Zog, as the Jungle Boy wants to become a hunter of treasures, and one day, I stumbled Zug on an old map in the warehouse of his grandfather, and delivered him the map to the world of the forest where adventures many.

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4) Jungle Adventures

Game adventures and his special, the main story of the game in that beautiful sunny day, it was Adu and his girlfriend eat the Apple and enjoy life and, suddenly, a vicious monster from the Deep Woods out of nowhere, and caught this beast on a friend Adu and fled to the forest, and began to Addo in his adventure to save his girlfriend.
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